Getting root access on a Linux server in a data centre in Amsterdam

DigiDef offers a wide range of IT security related services.

Security audit

With a IT security audit, computer systems are examined for possible ways to hack them. These can be servers, websites, web shops, apps or even desktop office computers.

Tracing digital evidence

In case of cybercrime it is important to find out how the hackers operated. Often in becomes clear how future hack attempts can be prevented. In some cases it is possible to track down the perpetrators.

Improving IT security

With first hand hack experience DigiDef is often capable of improving security. DigiDef uses digital filters (firewall), camouflage (stealthing), encryption and software updates against known security issues.

Backup audit

Are your backups sufficient? What happens with fire or theft? Are the backups encrypted or easily readable? DigiDef audits your backups before you really need them.

Source code analyses

You have developed software but wonder if the programmer did his work well and did not sneakily build in backdoors. DigiDef analyses source code and identifies possible problems and irregularities.